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Landscaping Geelong

We are passionate about bringing your dream landscape to life. Having a beautiful garden, decking area or patio increases your quality of life and allows you to spend more time with the people that matter.

We love working with home owners and developers across Geelong to build stunning garden landscapes and give outdoor living spaces new life.

Rutger and the team are well known as some of the most reputable and respected landscapers in Geelong.

Residential landscaping geelong
Landscaping Pathway in Geelong

By combining our resources we are able to provide you with a turnkey solution to all your landscaping needs. Known by locals for creating residential landscapes that are both breathtakingly beautiful and highly functional.

With years of experience in the industry, we have a reputation of providing professional excellence, as well as quality workmanship at affordable and competitive rates.

We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services which includes both hard landscaping and soft landscaping, meeting all your garden needs at one stop.

Garden Landscapers Geelong

We transform overgrown gardens into your personal paradise, whether it’s laying new turf, garden edging, removing stubborn weeds or a complete redesign of your entire garden from scratch, we are the experts for the job.

In addition to knowing just the right solution for all your gardening needs, our team consists of professional landscapers, architects and a garden designer. 

Rutger Landscaper in Geelong

Because the team comprises of both carpenters and horticulturists, we are able to provide both soft and hard landscaping services across Geelong.

We’ll assist you in transforming your garden into your dream space. Ever thought of adding a patio to the backyard or a carport over your driveway?

At Pro Landscaping Geelong we have all the landscaping knowledge and tools, to give you the beautiful and comfortable garden that you’ve always dreamed about.

Our Process



At Pro Landscaping Geelong we believe that communication with our clients is the key to every project. After all, it’s your garden. We work to ensure that the lines of communication are kept open during the entire process so that you’re never left in the dark. We will ask you about your property and the vision you have for it. Our landscape gardeners Geelong will provide you with insight and inspiration. A site inspection will be conducted to assess your outdoor space. We will assist in helping you select the best materials for your outdoor spaces and your budget.



The next step is developing a landscape design plan. We will make sure that you are happy with every element decided upon. We take accurate measurements and draw the plan to scale. This helps with determining the amount of materials required for the job. If you choose a theme or have ideas of your own, our landscape architect Geelong will incorporate it into the plan. Don’t worry if you think your ideas are too ambitious or that your outdoor space is too dreary to be worked on. No job is too difficult for us. Our staff will answer all your questions. You can trust us for Geelong landscaping.



Our site manager leads the construction process. Nothing will begin until the go ahead is given. You will be notified before our builders and gardeners arrive. You can stay on the property or leave. The choice is up to you. Our landscapers in Geelong have been on the ground, constructing hard and softscapes for a long time. We follow all safety protocols and equip everyone on site with safety gear. You can trust us for a smooth and stress free build.

Landscape Gardeners

With professional gardeners and the best landscape architect Geelong has to offer on our team, we have the solutions for all your landscaping desires. Almost all our garden makeovers include some form of construction or element of design.

Most people often opt for installing a water feature or adding seating which immediately elevates and enhances the outdoor space. As landscape contractors in the Geelong area, we can provide you with horticultural insights that will have your outdoor space looking beautiful and luscious all year round. Have you always imagined an elegant water feature in your garden? Get in touch with our professional landscaping team today to bring your vision into reality.

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Residential Landscaping Geelong

Forget your past landscaping attempts. A landscaping project doesn’t have to last months with heaps of sand and rubble left around your property. As professional landscapers in the Geelong area, we have all the landscaping supplies, tools and techniques to complete your project within a reasonable time frame.

Besides having all the best kept secrets, as well as professionalism that meets industry standards, we have a team of experienced and dedicated landscapers who will provide you with landscaping services that are hard to beat. With the best paving contractors Geelong has to offer as well as other services including front yard landscaping and backyard landscaping, our versatile team can transform your garden today. If you need garden designs or hard landscaping construction, retaining walls, garden beds, or any other landscaping services, we have all you need.

Serving the City of Greater Geelong.

We have been landscaping Geelong for many years and have become a reputable name in the local area. You can rely on us for friendly and professional services that will leave you satisfied and with a spectacular space.

Our team of landscapers are happy to assist you every step of the way, including addressing your safety concerns and assessing your property for any damages or subterranean structures that may cause danger or be an obstruction during the build. We will also take into account other issues such as weather damage and inclined or rocky areas when designing your space. Our goal is to create a stunning new living area that matches your needs and lifestyle.

luxury poolside landscaping project
newloy landscaped home geelong waterfront

Hard and Soft Landscaping Services

All leading companies in the landscaping business offer both hard landscaping and soft landscaping services. We offer all the soft landscaping essentials such as mowing, planting of shrubs, hedges, and flowering plants, as well as mulching, turf laying, and general garden maintenance.

In addition, we also have all that is necessary to take care of all your hard landscaping needs which includes any construction that you add to your area. These include pavings, walls, ponds, pools, decks, patios, water features, carports and more. Talk about your desired feature with our design experts and we will advise you about the best options on the market to fit your ideas and budget.

Our Services

Landscape Design

Ever thought of giving your outdoor living area a fresh look, with a bold landscape design?

We keep up with the current trends and assist you with concept development and every step of the design process. Our landscape architects follow all safety standards and know all the secrets around designing an area that is beautiful, useful, meets the design brief and fits your budget.


Have your walkways and pathways paved by the best paving contractors in Geelong.

Is your driveway looking dreary and worn out with unsightly pot holes and rubble? Why not have it re-done with polished concrete pavers for a modern aesthetic? Instantly give your front garden a facelift by incorporating a new patio to enjoy with your friends and family.

Construction Landscaping

As a landscaping company that has all the construction tools, supplies and equipment you need to construct your stunning new spaces.

We also hire the best paving contractors to complete the job. We can help you with excavation around your property and with the construction of retaining walls such as gabion walls or segmented walls as well as, pavings, stonework, water features and patios.

Turf Landscaping

We use the highest quality landscape supplies and tools.

Our garden design expert is experienced and skilled to help you plan your perfect garden. We will help you arrange all elements, from lighting and coverings to garden beds, turf laying, lawn mowing, whipper snipping, hedging and pruning, planting and mulching. Click below to learn more.

Landscape Gardeners of Geelong

We believe that a passion for gardens, an eye for detail and awesome design skills are some of the essential qualities that a true landscaper should possess. Luckily, our landscape design team has all this and more. Our hand picked group of talented individuals work together to bring you the perfect arenas, front yards, driveways and gardens.

We have the best landscape designers Geelong has in town. We are proud to be Landscaping Geelong for local homeowners and businesses. Nothing compares to watching a dreary outdoor space turn into a beautiful and useful place. We strive for excellence during every project while offering our customers affordable prices. Don’t wait. Give us a ring and get your garden makeover started today.

turf laying at edge of pool

Backyard Landscaping Renovations

Renovating your backyard is a rewarding experience when you choose the right people for the job. If your backyard has been neglected for a long time then you need professional landscape gardeners to assess the damage.

A thorough site inspection will be conducted by our team before planning. It may be that you need your shed removed or wish to build a new one.

If you have asbestos, deep rooted trees that are growing beneath your driveway paving, or a pool that you want removed, our guys have the solution. Browse through our previous projects to see some of our work for yourself. We construct:

  • Decking
  • Sheds
  • Pergolas
  • Pavings
  • Gardens

Get your backyard in tip-top condition just in time for summer by calling us today. 

Landscaping in Geelong has become more and more popular in recent years. Although Australians have always enjoyed their time outdoors, the need for backyard renovations has increased due to many more people working from home. Residents want to make their private outdoor spaces comfortable now, more than ever before.

The property market in Geelong has also become busier, with more people selling their homes. If you are on the market to sell your home, having a beautiful backyard will definitely give you more bang for your buck.

If your backyard garden requires maintenance, we can help. Our landscapers of Geelong know what it takes to get the job done. Ask us about our affordable garden maintenance plans for your backyard.

We will replace dead plants, remove rot, mulch your beds, edge your gardens and mow your lawns as often as you require. Live life the Geelong way and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends while surrounded by a beautiful and charming garden.

Our gardeners are green thumbed when it comes to helping you pick out the best flowers, plants, mulches, grass and topsoil for you. We also do turf Installations and more.

garden edging grass pavers

Affordable Rates

Looking for a quality landscaping company you can trust? Want affordable rates? With Geelong’s beautiful climate and fabulous flora, it is well known that people love spending time outdoors. As a result, landscapers are popular in Geelong and with so many to choose from, it is difficult to make the right choice.

At Pro Landscaping Geelong we have all the expertise, tools and man-power to get the job done on your residential or commercial properties. We provide affordable rates and competitive prices with all of our products and landscaping services. Most importantly, we remain transparent throughout the process, keeping you informed of the budget and the best available supplies, every step of the way.

Get your backyard in tip-top condition just in time for summer by calling us today. 
Have you been keeping an eye on the landscape architecture Geelong has in your area? You may have noticed some extraordinary outdoor spaces with modern materials and nouveau designs. If you want to renovate your outdoor property to match your lifestyle then we are the people for you. Hire designers who know what they’re doing. Landscape architecture involves the design and engineering of outdoor areas in order to meet aesthetic, environmental and practical needs. Our team are recommended for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Golf courses
  • Monuments
  • Resorts
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Home gardens and office outdoor areas

Our team is familiar with designing a variety of structures such as sheds, garages and decking Geelong. Speak to us about the design theme you have in mind. Our designers can offer inspiration and guidance. We have planted gardens according to themes such as Japanese gardens, minimalist gardens as well as urban, tropical or desert gardens. We also plant vegetable gardens, hydroponic vegetable gardens and foodscapes. Other popular landscape design ideas include:

  • Accessible gardens -These gardens are designed for people of all ages and abilities. They are wheelchair accessible, have raised garden beds, ramps and railings, and gazebos for shade.
  • Bog gardens-If you have a soggy area in your yard such you can take advantage of the moisture and build a bog garden by using the right plants.
  • Sensory gardens-Sensory gardens are a great way for young children and the visually impared to experience nature. Plants and other design elements are incorporated to provide an enjoyable experience using the senses including touch sound and fragrance.

Other designs include therapy gardens, butterfly gardens, water gardens, window boxes, petscaping and more.

Find the best landscape architect Geelong has when you choose us. Our team at Pro Landscaping Geelong has some of the best people in the landscaping business in Geelong. Our time in the industry has allowed us to form a network of trusted suppliers, qualified professionals and experienced garden veterans to help our customers receive quality at prices that are affordable.


Turf Landscaping Geelong

Our gardeners also install rolls of natural grass including Buffalo Turf in Geelong. We stock all types of lawns including genuine Sir Walter DNA certified soft leaf Buffalo turf. This is one of Australia’s most popular lawns because it has been specifically developed for the terrain and climate. It is a great grass to have because it:

  • Survives well in sunny or shady spots
  • Creates a safe space for children and pets
  • Perfect for home and office gardens, parks and more.

We will supply you with lawn care tips, irrigation systems such as sprinklers and the best fertilizers so that your lawn will stay green all through the year. AstroTurf is a great alternative to natural grass. We stock AstroTurf as well as other popular brands of artificial grass. The benefits of artificial grass include:

  • Does not need to be watered.
  • Stays green all year long.
  • Does not require pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Made from recycled waste and plastics.
  • Does not need to be mowed.
  • Artificial grass is suitable for schools, sports grounds, parks and gardens.

Modern artificial grass has a very realistic and lush look compared to its earlier counterparts. You may have to clean the grass regularly and replace or repair your artificial lawn every year or so. We are proud to be Landscaping Geelong for local homeowners and businesses. Nothing compares to watching a dreary outdoor space turn into a beautiful and useful place. We strive for excellence during every project while offering our customers affordable prices. Don’t wait. Give us a ring and get your garden makeover started today.

Geelong Landscape Designers
Have your garden ready to entertain family and friends despite your busy schedule! We know what you’re thinking- renovating your garden with a professional landscaping company can cost a pretty penny. Supplies and materials can be expensive, while other costs can arise and surprise you.

If you are looking for landscaping costs and prices that are affordable, you have found us. Our fantastic deals and special offers on our reliable garden construction services are available all year round. We also have maintenance plans and finance solutions that will beat your budget.

At Pro Landscaping Geelong we believe that all our customers should have access to professional services that are safe and reliable. You will always be aware of what’s going on with your pocket. Don’t let the cost of garden landscaping get you down. Call us for a free estimate today.

newly landscaped home Geelong waterfront

Give us a call today.

Still uncertain about who to call? Pick up the phone and contact Pro Landscaping Geelong today! The sooner you do, the sooner you could be lounging in your new backyard or having friends and family over to your elegant outdoor entertainment space. Our team of friendly experts will assist you with all your landscaping queries.

We will help you with all your gardening and landscaping needs, including design, construction such as paving, decking, garden edging, and retaining walls. We also manage installations of decks and patios as well as garden maintenance and removal of rubble and waste. We have all your creative and practical solutions at the best prices. Why wait? Grab your phone and call us today for a free quote.


How much does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping can cost anything from a few hundred bucks for a garden refresh or mulching to thousands of dollars for a professional landscaper to assess and create a design for your property and construct beautiful features and luxurious entertaining areas. We have something for everyone. We use industry leading planning and budgeting skills to ensure your landscaping ideas are met without breaking the bank. Taking expert advice early, can save you serious money in the long run.

Do you provide free Landscaping Quotes?
Yes. Just call our friendly team of experts, who will assist you with any of your landscaping questions, as well as give you a general assessment and free landscaping quote based on our assessment. If it’s quality that you want, at the most competitive rates on the market, then give us a call!
Should I hire a Landscape Designer?
Hiring a landscape designer depends solely on your budget and your design ideas. We will meet your requirements at competitive prices, so that you do not have to sacrifice your ideas to your budget or compromise on quality. Hiring a landscape designer has the advantage of obtaining expert knowledge regarding your outdoor property. Should you decide to go straight from your ideas to construction, our years of experience will ensure a premium result.
What is the Landscape Design Process?
We will take you through the entire landscape design process, assist you with everything, this includes conducting a site inventory and analysis, evaluating your needs, creating functional diagrams of your ideas, developing a more detailed conceptual design plan, and crafting a final design plan. The design plan covers everything from costs to timeframe for completion.
What is sustainable landscaping?
This refers to gardening in a way which preserves the surrounding environment, including saving on water usage. This covers everything from the design, to the materials used and the suppliers it is bought from. More and more people are leaning towards sustainability by supporting designs and products that are eco friendly. These include planting vegetable gardens, using local plants and trees, installing smaller pools to save water, and laying artificial turf to reduce the need for watering lawns.
What pesticides and other non-toxic chemicals can I use in my garden?
Landscapers in Geelong advocate for the use of natural pesticides and non-toxic chemicals and to choose materials that do not need frequent treatment with toxic chemicals when designing your garden. Diatomaceous earth is completely natural and works to dry out pests such as ants. Using composite decking and certain types of wood will eliminate the prospect of termite infestations. There are many other natural deterrents such as boric acid and citronella that you can use without causing harm to the rest of the environment.
Should I hire a professional landscaping company to maintain my garden?
If you have a large estate, a busy schedule and lack the proper equipment then getting a maintenance plan with a professional company will help you keep up to date with your gardens and outdoor constructs. Even if you have a small outdoor space, professional maintenance can do wonders in keeping your garden fresh and vibrant.