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An Expert Guide on How to Design a Patio

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Landscaping | 0 comments

The purpose of your patio layout and the furniture you intend to place should determine how it is used. If you intend to entertain often, it is important to determine what type of patio layout furniture you need. This includes whether you need a dining or lounging set.

Next, plan for the negative space. This is the area between the furniture and the patio’s edges. These negative spaces should be at least 3ft wide and 1m in width.

Drawing a patio layout to scale is the best way to create a patio that meets your exact needs. This will allow patio builders in Geelong to plan for patio planting ideas like borders, pot placements, and beds. You can also factor in space for outdoor kitchens.

To double-check its dimensions, the rope can be used to create the patio’s boundary in an existing yard.

Placement of a patio

Three factors will impact your choice: How you use your patio, where it will be most prominent in your garden’s overall design, and whether or not it is overlooked.

new bluestone patio in geelong

What do you want to do with the patio?

A shady area will work if it is only used for dining. But if you love the sun, you’ll want to place your patio in a sunny location. If your backyard is completely sunny, but you wish to create a dining space in one area, clever garden shade ideas can help you to make the most of that area.

It will look its best

For convenience, patios were located outside your back door. However, there’s no reason to have two gardens, especially in large spaces. If your garden is small and sunny, you may want to plant around it so that the house has a beautiful view.

Patio positioning for privacy

Patios should feel private, but you don’t have to place them in your backyard for privacy. Many garden privacy ideas can be used to create a new space.

Choosing patio materials

Garden designers recommend that you keep an eye out for garden trends to ensure the best possible results. However, your patio design must reflect the style of your home as well as the exterior materials.

Modern homes can be designed with modern materials and design techniques, while traditional homes need authentic or period-style materials.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift in materials and finishes in patio design. Maintenance and cost are important factors when choosing a material.

Choose hardwood for decked patios

It is worth investing a little more in hardwood decking that has been sustainably sourced if you are looking for patio ideas. We prefer teak, iroko, or ipe in as wide of a board as we can, usually around 140mm.

Hidden milled joints are preferred by architects. This means that the boards slide together side-by-side, eliminating the need to use surface-mounted screws.

Bricks are a great choice for style and character

Belgian Vande Moortel bricks are a favorite of many. We have made quite a few patio designs using them recently. Ancienne Belgique is a favorite because of its charming size and full of charm.

Durlston Driveway, Stableyard cobbles, and setts by Allgreen Group are also popular choices for architects to create interest and patterns in paving.

Real stone, sourced locally

Locally sourced stone is more sustainable than granite imported from China. Talking to your garden designer, Pavers in Geelong or a local stone yard early on can help you locate the local stone that will complement your overall gardening landscaping, such as the rustic patio paving in this small garden.

Incorporate planting into the patio design

Your patio design will be softened if you place pockets of planting along the edges or divide between zones. Consider your backyard’s success and create a patio planting plan that matches it. To create a unique finish, you might consider some standout plants such as specimen trees in a container.

When designing a patio’s design, privacy and scent are important considerations. To optimize your patio’s space, consider the plant characteristics when designing a planting plan. Hire expert patio builders in Geelong to experience good design benefits.