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How to Choose Stunning Pavers for Your Landscape

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Landscaping | 0 comments

Do you struggle to find the right paver for your project?

Landscape pavers may not possess the same level of familiarity as plants and outdoor furniture; however, their significance in establishing an inviting, practical, and lively outdoor area cannot be overstated. The choice of the right landscape paver holds the key to achieving a harmonious and appealing outdoor space.

The pavers you select can bring life and colour to your outdoor space, just like plants or your furniture.

There’s one problem…

It is difficult to choose the right landscape paver.

We’ll help you make an informed decision and show you some examples of landscapers in Geelong‘s stunning paving projects.

Understanding what is in front of you and what’s under you will help you make the best decisions for your home, budget, lifestyle, and overall happiness.

What are the right landscape paver options available?

There are two main categories of paving materials that are most commonly available:

  • Quarried Stone
  • Composite Material

A quarried stone such as slate and granite is mined and then cut, split, or crushed. Composite materials, such as brick and precast concrete pavers are made by man. They are then moulded once they have hardened and fired or dried.

Each of these broad categories of paving has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at each option to find what is right for you.

Quarried stone pavers

It is hard to overlook the beauty of natural stones that have been cut from the quarry and made into individual units.

Quarried stone can be any combination of cobblestone and other natural stones, such as bluestone, sandstone or limestone, travertine, granite, slate, and travertine. These paving materials are a natural resource and offer a long-lasting, durable appearance. You can create unique outdoor spaces with quarried pavers, so your neighbors won’t be able to copy you.

There are many options for finishing your home. These include sandblasting, chiselled or honed, and polished. You can also choose from a variety of quarried stone pavers, including large slabs that are increasingly popular for creating striking visual statements.

Pavers made of composite material

Precast concrete and brick pavers made of composite material are usually cheaper than quarried stones. However, you will need to decide if it is worth the sacrifice of the ‘WOW!’ factor.

Each of these durable paving options has its own pros and cons. Bricks, for example, can be stained and retain their colour, which means that they require less maintenance.

Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are a more affordable option that mimics stone and can be used to create more design options. However, concrete may crack over time and will need to be replaced (more likely in areas with heavy vehicular traffic).

How to choose the right landscape paver shape/pattern

Pavers come in many shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and round.

Consider whether your pavers will be used for foot traffic or vehicular traffic.

You will need to choose a smaller paver shape if your pavers are going to be used on your driveway.

You can make design decisions about pavers that will be used in your yards, such as around a firepot or part of an outdoor entertainment area.

These are some of our favourite design tips.

  • Rectangular pavers work better in wide areas and for contemporary landscape projects.
  • Square pavers are more suitable for small areas like balconies, verandas, and pathways.
  • Geometric patterns are a great option for outdoor spaces that don’t need much ornamentation or straight lines.

Other options include cobbles, crazy paving, ashlar patterns, and organic-shaped units (also known as “rounds”) that can add interest to projects.

How to choose the right landscape paver colour

You can make the biggest mistake when selecting the right landscape paver colour: you ignore the space around you.

The colour of your paver can have a profound impact on the way your space feels, looks and functions.

Consider how your garden’s elements, materials, and plants will be affected by the colours of your outdoor paving or pool. The same rules apply outdoors as for colour matching indoors.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to match your colour palettes exactly. However, complementary tones can enhance a space and create an inviting feel that is warm and inviting.

Durability must be taken into consideration

Over the years, your pavers will be dealing with heavy foot traffic.

Add to that the unique weather and climate conditions in the area and possible exposure to chemicals such as salt, chlorine, and other chemicals, and you can see why the right landscape paver is essential.

The right pool paving must be durable enough to withstand the heat of Victoria’s summer and furniture being pulled over it. A paved driveway must be able to support the weight of all vehicles that drive on it.

Consider the future heat and glare

You can easily pick the paver colour you like from a website gallery or imagine how your outdoor pool area will look using images from Google. But, don’t forget to consider the practical use of the right landscape paver.

Think about how your pavers will feel beneath your foot on a hot summer day.

Like all surfaces, pavers will eventually become hot. However, some stones will heat up faster than others. Consider choosing a lighter and denser paver if your outdoor space is subject to intense sunlight, such as building an area with a pool. You should also consider how much glare your space will experience. The glare is usually greater for stones with lighter colours.

How should I lay my paving?

A concrete base is recommended for paving to ensure long-term durability.

This prevents weeds from growing in the cracks of the crushed rock. Crushed rock can also move over time. This will result in a higher initial cost but you’ll save money over the long-term because pavers that have been moved can no longer be repaired or replaced.

You have many options for paver laying patterns, other than the foundation.

Modern and contemporary paving designs

Your home should reflect your personal style and personality.

The right pavers can do more than just add a functional and low-maintenance addition to your yard, driveway, or outdoor entertainment area. They can also be a way to enhance your space and add style to your landscape. Need help with your next paver project? Contact a landscape service today for expert advice.