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Landscape Design

Design is everything. Every landscaping company worth their salt knows that this is true for even the simplest of projects, as it is for large outdoor renovations. Landscape designs are required for both gardening and construction elements of the project.

Our design experts will guide you through the process so that your outdoor living space matches your lifestyle. Our landscape architects will apply design principles to your developing ideas, so that it can be brought to life while keeping in mind affordability and functionality.

professional landscaper planting plant
plans for landscape design

Having a design expert assess your commercial/residential property is essential for the proper planning of your outdoor space as well as for material selection and calling up our experienced contractors.

Landscaping Geelong will also be able to provide you with an estimated time for completion.

The design process is not only important as a planning tool but also facilitates transparency, so that we know we are on the right track and that you are always up-to-date on the status of your project.

Site analysis

Our experienced landscape architect will take you through our design consultation process, for both your hard and soft landscaping needs. We will start by conducting a site audit, measuring and analysis of your current outdoor spaces you need landscaped, including front yard and back yard landscaping. We will take note of your existing structures and any obstacles such as poorly positioned garden beds or parasitic plants on your property. Our team will search for any special concerns such as areas that may need excavation or filling of landfills for prospective additions such as stonework or ponds. We will also address all drainage concerns.
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Concept Development

Next we will evaluate your needs by asking you questions about what you envision the space to look like and discussing the best quality supplies and material choices for the build, so that we can provide you with competitive prices.

Then we will create a first draft of working diagrams, based on your ideas. This includes everything from choosing color schemes and selecting the correct plants and shrubs, to selecting the materials to be used for new structures and maintenance. Your plans will then be plucked and pruned as we move along the design process. 

Our design plans use accurate measurements and are drawn to scale, so that you are able to determine the exact quantities of landscaping supplies to obtain, saving you time and unnecessary expense. After more consultation we will design a detailed conceptual design plan for your approval. We will roll out your final design plan and landscaping can begin!

Construction Plan

If you want artistic and imaginative landscaping services that take into account your ideas and perspectives, then you’ve come to the right place. We will develop a construction plan so that building can start right away. We will include a maintenance plan so that your new space will never lose it’s magic. As one of the most reputable garden landscaping architects in Geelong, you can rest assured that we deliver on our design plans. No sloppy work, inconsistencies or time wasting tactics. We are the landscapers that you can trust. Ready to start? Call Pro Landscaping Geelong to book a consultation for an obligation free quote from us today!

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