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The role of a garden designer is to oversee the design and construction of outdoor spaces. This role may overlap with that of a landscape architect or landscape designer. You can start as a garden designer, and then go on to become a landscape architect. The garden is usually smaller and has fewer boundaries than a property. Landscapes can be separated from properties and may not have boundaries. They can also be large or small in size. What is a garden designer? A garden designer’s job is to look at all aspects of the project from start to finish. Private property owners can easily fall for the temptation to alter the outside as the seasons change. This can cause gardens to lose their focus and become unkempt jungles. Alternately, the wrong plant could be chosen for a specific area of the garden. This can lead to it dying and leaving no outdoor space. These problems can be avoided by looking at the larger picture.

What does it mean to be a garden designer? Many backgrounds can make a garden designer. Others garden designers enter the field with practical horticultural or landscaping experience, as well as a passion for plants. Garden designers can work full-time or as a side hustle. We have seen a wide range of experience, styles, professionalism, and style. The English Garden’s online article, helps distinguish “What is a garden designer?” “Many garden designers are self-employed and create or improve gardens for private clients. Some work as part of a team, while others are employed by a larger company.


We’ve now explored the question: What is a garden design? Why should you hire a landscape architect or garden designer?

The first is the facts few people have the time to redesign a garden. It is much more time-consuming than many people realize. Clients may not want to deal directly with contractors or project management. You must also understand the plot. Which area gets the most sun? Which part gets the most sunlight? What is the soil’s structure and what is its pH?

A landscape architect or garden designer can also bring a wealth of plant knowledge that an individual might not have. What height will this tree reach? What species of plants would thrive in the shade at the far end? What plants are most likely to flower in succession?

Knowledge is not only about the plant but also in hard landscaping and design features such as steps, paving, walls and steps. What is the best way to build a retaining wall that will allow for a level change? The best place to position the art piece as a focal point is in this location. What stone is the best match for the house? Garden designers are naturally creative. The garden designer will see your space as if it were a painting or a sculptor. These are only a few of the many benefits of a garden designer. The landowner will have a set of preferences and will share these with the designer. These preferences will be used by the designer to adapt and fittingly use them. The designer can make difficult choices that the owner might prefer to avoid benefiting the final design.

The Society for Garden Designers published a piece that highlighted the broad role of the designer. It stated, “The Garden Designer Geelong can participate in all aspects of the design and build process from surveying and creating a design to hard landscaping and choosing plants.”

What a GARDEN DESIGNER IS NOT We have already answered the question: What is a garden design? Let’s look at what a garden design isn’t. Garden designers are not just a company that offers tips and pointers. It is best to steer clear of overenthusiastic landscape contractors and maintenance companies that believe they have the experience and knowledge to design a garden. This is not to minimize the importance of these professionals. To complete projects, garden design firms must collaborate closely with these businesses. However, an experienced garden designer will bring creativity and a vision for the entire project.